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The Jewish Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Tansgender (LGBT) Network was set up with the targeted purpose of offering a support structure to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Jews, based in any part of the world, through the provision of a number of different resources.

JewishLGBTNetwork.com brings you an easily-accessible platform through which to locate and connect with local social groups, professional groups and other support-groups catering to the LGBT Jewish Community. While we definitely encourage and hold an international view on important issues facing the Jewish LGBT Community, in addition to our international focus, we understand the importance of a localized support structure — a community-level structure which allows you to connect with the Jewish LGBT community nearest to you.

With more and more objectivity developing around LGBT issues, particularly with regards to the Jewish LGBT Community, we are able to progressively add more and more useful information and resources as we come across it and through our structured research. This is why it’s important for you to visit us regularly, so as to get the latest updates.

We have a selection of articles you can read through, for some inspiration or useful local LGBT-related announcements. To complement the articles, you can easily access relevant news and keep an eye on upcoming local and international events.

The growing and continued success of our platform is as a result of engagement from our targeted audience, you and this is why we encourage you to take part in the various groups we have listed, including social network groups, meet-up groups and international groups.

If you’d like to receive updates as they occur, subscribe to one or more of our many subscription lists and we’ll be in constant and immediate communication via email. Please spread the word about our growing network and pass on the information to anyone else you know who might benefit from the resources available on our platform.

Please sign-up on the mailing list to hear about events and get special announcements locally and internationally.  It is a safe-unsubscribe list so you can remove yourself whenever you want.

If you have any questions or want to post an event, please use the contact form.


This group is 100% volunteer driven and any sponsorships or donations goes directly into the organization. Our primary hub is Congregation Emanu-El and most immediate supporters are; Congregation Sha’ar Zahav, Jewish Federation’s LGBT Alliance, Nehirim, A Wider Bridge, KeshetBe’chol Lashon and JQ International.


dakotta jk alexOver the past 15 years Dakota has started several start-ups, consulted with organizations such as the Los Angeles Times, Amgen, Disney, Microsoft, Amazon, Grindr, Mozilla and Compaq in the US, Europe and China. He has also published articles in HR journals and four books with professional accolades from employees of Yahoo!, Intel, University of Washington, Disney, Fox, and Google. Additionally filming, producing and photographing a full-feature documentary.

Presently, Dakota works as a consultant for start-ups helping them to achieve the next level of growth.  He does a lot of travel research (67 countries and counting), and in the process of creating new start-ups (see: dakotta.com).  He does a great deal of tikkun olam in the Jewish community by running Kishur, a Jewish social group in San Francisco, organizing events for a program of the  San Francisco Jewish Federation, he was an active member at Congregation Sherith Israel also and an active member at Congregation Emanu-El and being part of  the Young Adults Leadership Committee at Congregation Emanu-El.

Poised with a difficult decision between Rabbinic school and Divinity school, Dakota had a calling to do his  Masters in Divinity which stemmed from 20 countries.  His education was from the Claremont School of Theology | Claremont Graduate Union, The Graduate Theological Union (Starr King School for the Ministry; Pacific School of Religion, Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Pacific School of Religion, San Francisco Theological Seminary) | UC Berkeley and finally from the Vatican’s Pontifical School – The Gregoriana in Rome, Italy.  Additionally, he has taken one year of coursework in Jewish Studies and additional year in Islamic studies in the GTU, Istanbul/Konya, Turkey, CGU and other institutions.


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